Raylife formula

Raylife formula is designed to offer the outmost in quality in all face and body treatments.




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Radiofrequency is treatment that stimulates the collagen production through the waves with certain frequency. This helps the skin to get the needed elasticity and rejuvenation. Depending on skin condition 6-9 treatments need to be done every 4 days or once a week. The treatment can be repeated time after time. (time 45 min.)



- Anticelulite treatment with Raylife, is very helpful for skin cellulite through acoustic waves. This treatment can be applied in arms and legs, twice weekly for a month. The time duration is 45 minutes. After a break of one month the treatment can be repeated. This is the most sophisticated method against cellulite and magnificent and visible results.



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- Coolsculpting is the newest and the most sophisticated machine for fat cell removal. The machine is produced in USA and the treatment is explored by the Harvard University. The scientists had found out that during the application of low temperature on the fat cells, they crystallize and get eliminated from the fat tissue. This makes possible the reduction of the fat layer. The treatment can be used on upper abdomen, lower abdomen, love handles and inner parts of the legs. The final result of the treatment is after 3 months. There is no side effect and the patient can be back to work immediately and other routine activities. The client can see the reduction of the fat layer visibly and there is no discomfort during the treatment. There are some rules that need to be followed after the treatment.


Laseri Medio Star Next

Applying Laser for permanent epilation


medio star nextis applied for permanent epilation, with the most sophisticated machine. This is continual laser so the treatment is very fast and time saving. It is applied in different areas of the skin such as face, trunk, back, forearms, arms, legs, bikini etc. The treatment of the face is more delicate and reapplies every 6 weeks while in body every 8 weeks

Vascular Applicator

- Laseri Medio Star Next vascular applicator- helps for removal of spider veins on the face and legs. Significant results are being seen in an increasing number of patients. The treatment is non-invasive and helps to prevent the extension of these changes. The treatments need to be repeated 1-3 times depending on the diameter of the vessels. Time duration is 15-30 minutes for every 5-6 weeks.



Aesclepion Laser Dermablate

erbium laser

Aesclepion Laser Dermablate, surgical, can be used for removing the acne scars, wrinkles, different skin tumors and brown spots. This machine has also the Fraxel applicator which can be used for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.



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  • Reservation assistance +381 38/220-000
  • Reservation assistance +381 38/220-000
  • Reservation assistance +381 38/220-000
  • Reservation assistance +381 38/220-000