Raylife Formula

Raylife formula is designed to offer the outmost in quality in all face and body treatments...



Face Cleaning

Facial treatments, removing the comedones and opening of the closed ones. Also the opening of the cystic in severe acne condition and removing of the content (time 45 min.)


Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is the treatment that is applied on acne scars, oily skin, skin with acne, aged skin. During this treatment a certain acid with a certain percentage is applied on the skin. This enables the renewal of the skin and reduces the enlarged pores (time 25 min.)



Microdermabrasion is an abrasion with crystals that enables removal of the upper layers of the skin. At the same time gives the skin back its freshness and restores proper brightness (time 45 min.)



Mezolift treatment recently is very trendy. People that avoid applying other esthetic treatments this is a nice choice. Through injection we penetrate into the skin by putting in the needed vitamins, minerals, aminoacids and hyaluronic acid. Often because of the different diets the skin feels the first the absence of different needed substances and through this treatment we gives back the youthful appearance of the skin. Needles are very thin so the treatment is not very painful. (time duration 20 min.). Depending from the skin it can be applied evry week or every two weeks 4-5 treatments. For maintenance the treatment can be repeated once in three months.


Botox and Filler

Botox and filler (hyaloronic acid) are both treatments against the wrinkles. These treatments also prevent the aging of the skin and the results are immediately.


Plasma Treatment

Plasma treatment (PRP) is injection of your own plasma into your skin. It is more revitalizing treatment and prevention of aging signs.



Radiofrequency is treatment that stimulates the collagen production through the waves with certain frequency. This helps the skin to get the needed elasticity and rejuvenation. Depending on skin condition 6-9 treatments need to be done every 4 days or once a week. The treatment can be repeated time after time. (time 45 min.)


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    Fantastic hotel with a very nice interior. The bar and the staff was very nice. Excellent service, really. In the basement you find a spa that is truly to die for... Don't miss this great place to stay when in Prishtina next time - highly recommend!

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  • Reservation assistance +381 38/220-000
  • Reservation assistance +381 38/220-000
  • Reservation assistance +381 38/220-000
  • Reservation assistance +381 38/220-000
  • Reservation assistance +381 38/220-000