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Salt Room

Salt Room

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Salt Room

Do you know that Himalayan salt naturally contains more than 84 minerals and traces of other elements?
It also introduces negative ions that purify the air.
The treatment in the salt room is effective in alleviating various disorders, from respiratory to skin.
Excellent for seasonal allergies, sinusitis, oral cavity inflammation, cold and cough.
In addition, it strengthens the immune system, and improves the quality of sleep.
Excellent solution for skin disorders such as dermatitis, eczema, irritations and psoriasis.
Inside the room a relaxing and calming environment is created, which makes each session a real moment of relaxation and anti-stress.
Everyone can benefit from it, children, adults and the elderly people.

One session lasts 30 minutes.
We recommend 2 sessions per week.

1 session … … € 20
6 sessions ………. € 100
12 sessions ………. € 180

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